Yes, you can download LapTrophy app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store and find many features to time and analyze your track days. Users wanting to access advanced features like split times or lap speeds to become a Club Member.
The circuits you create can be shared with your friends. To do this, go to the circuit page and click on the "Share" button. The application will offer you to send a link giving access to the circuit.
The application is compatible with external receivers.
- For iOS, you can use any MFi (Made For iPhone) compatible external receiver, the application will then automatically take it into charge.
- For Android, most often you need to use a 3rd party app which will allow all installed apps to use data from the external receiver instead of the internal GPS.
We can recommend the external receiver Bluetooth Garmin GLO 2 which will provide you with optimal trajectory quality and a refresh of the position at a minimum of 4Hz.
The value '!' means that the time could not be measured. This is the case, for example, when the quality of GPS reception is not sufficient to detect the transition from one sector to another.
The quality of the receiver, the weather and the environment have an influence on the strength of the GPS signal received. In order to improve the reception of the GPS signal, here are some tips:
- Wait for the GPS signal light to turn solid green before setting off on the trail. The longer you wait, the more satellites the receiver will lock onto and the more stable and accurate your position will be.
- Position the device on a fixed part of the vehicle (eg: do not fix it to the steering wheel).
- Make sure the device maintains a clear view of the sky throughout the session (under the windshield, on the handlebars....
Smartphone and tablet type devices have receivers with varying performance. To increase the accuracy of the trajectory, you can use external receivers to improve the accuracy of the GPS and increase the frequency position update. We can, for example, recommend the Garmin GLO 2 external bluetooth receiver that we use regularly.
It is possible to block the orientation of the screen during the recording of a session. To do this, access your profile then open the settings screen to activate the option.
It is currently not possible to import data into the application. The application is in charge of acquiring data from the sensors embedded in the device or from external receivers, it then guarantees the quality of the data presented. It is also possible to export your data.
In-app subscription activation is linked to your Apple or Google Play account.
On your device, check that you are logged in to the account that purchased the subscription.
In the application, return to the registration screen and press the "Already a member? Restore" button in order to request the unlocking of the features.
This can come from several things:
- Poor GPS reception quality leading to off-track trajectories. Consult the recommendations to improve reception quality.
- Poor positioning of the start/finish line and/or sectors. In this case, you will need to edit your session and assign it a new corrected custom circuit.
It is also possible to invalidate certain laps of a session in order to exclude them from the statistics. To do this, hold down for a few seconds on the lap to be invalidated.
We strive to reference as many circuits as possible around the world, but it is possible that a circuit is not yet registered in our database.
In this case, you have the option of:
- Create a new custom circuit from the application to then use and share it with your friends.
- Send us a request for addition using our contact form.
When you change your phone, you must use the Apple or Google Play data migration tools. They will allow you to back up and then restore application data on your new phone. You will then find your nickname and your sessions in the application. If you are a Club Member, don't forget to restore your privileges.
It is currently not possible to use your LapTrophy account on multiple devices. But we are working on it and hope to offer this functionality in a future update!
The times displayed in the leaderboards are subject to certain conditions. If you think your time should appear, share your session with us and we will analyze it.
Based on user feedback, users have compared LapTrophy with other timing systems (Starlane, Alfano, transponders...) and seen gaps of less than 10 milliseconds. To get the best results, make sure to receive a good quality GPS signal See "How can I improve the quality of my GPS signal?"
Your subscriptions and transactions are managed by Apple/Google Play and we cannot intervene directly on refunds. You can nevertheless request a refund under certain conditions from your Apple or Google Play account. For more information, follow the following links:
- Apple:
- Google Play:
You can cancel your subscription at any time from the app or your Apple or Google Play account.
-On the application: from your profile, access the Club Member space then click on the current subscription and choose to modify/cancel the subscription.
-From your Apple account:
-From your Google Play account:

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